Technology certification

Facilities and quality certification

ARAWOOM is growing into small hidden champion representing the region based on continuous
technology development and investment on facilities.

FSSC certification

Registration certification of service mark

Certificate of patent

Certificate of patent

Certificate of patent

Award certificate of Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Award certificate of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

Award of Minister of Oceans and Fisheries

The 6th award for small and medium business, 2017

Small business confirmation for management innovation

Small business confirmation for technology innovation

Small business confirmation for (Renewed)

Confirmation of venture businesses (Renewed)

Mail-order certificate

Certificate of company affiliated research institute

Business license

Registration certificate of business

Registration card of business

PMS certificate

Certificate of excellent company in technology evaluation (Renewed)

Collection of patent and utility model

Confirmation of female company (Renewed)

ISO 22000

Certificate of National Fishery Products Quality Management Service