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Jeong Jung-seop in Kongyoung Engineering,
Kim Jong-hui in JENC, and Kim Mi-sun in ARAWOOM
are selected as proud Yeosu people

[Food] No more grains… Skins which was
mistreated becomes popular snack

ARAWOOM Co., Ltd. occupies convenience stores
in nationwide with innovative product

RBSTV – Kim Mi-sun, CEO of ARAWOOM, Co., Ltd.

ARAWOOM Co., Ltd., a company for venture
founding of commercialization foundation,
concluded export contract

Crispy chicken, more popular than Saewookkang

‘2017 the 6th award for executives of small
and medium businesses’
Winners for Jeollanam-do branch (Grand prize)

[Award for small and medium businesses’/
Grand prize] ARAWOOM Co., Ltd.
(Creation of jobs, technology innovation)
Put the final touches on the development of
new technology… growing into company
specialized in fried food

“Convenient stores with full of accompaniment
due to the drinking alone culture”
Popular accompaniment in CU, GS25
and Seven Elevent?